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Databases & Data Platforms

ASEAN Disaster Information Network (ADINET)

Sources: Association of Southeast Asian Nations

ADINET is a repository of information about every disaster incident in the ASEAN region since 2012, operated by the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on Disaster Management (AHA Centre). It functions as an open platform, allowing users to submit reports via email, an app, or a form on the website, that are then verified by the AHA Centre.
Users can then search the database to find disasters by ‘category’: oil spill, flood, landslide, wind, storm, tsunami, drought, volcano, earthquake, wildfire, and by time period. They can also subscribe to alerts via email, for reports uploaded regarding disasters of a chosen category within 20km of a chosen location.

For each disaster, a range of reports and news articles are provided. They may contain the following information:

Date and time
Affected area
Casualties – deaths, missing, injured, affected families, affected persons, displaced persons, evacuation centre
Damage – houses, education facilities, medical facilities, public buildings, infrastructure, loss of livelihood sources, access to early warning, cost of damage (USD), cost of assistance (USD)


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