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INFORM index for risk management

Sources: European Union

The INFORM index for risk management is an open-source tool for quantitatively assessing crisis and disaster risk. A model is used to create index values for hazards and exposure, vulnerability, and coping capacity using aggregates of natural, human, socioeconomic, institutional, and infrastructure indicators. This model is updated twice a year (in September and March), includes at least five years of data and uses the same methodology for 191 countries. As a result, it provides the best available data that can be compared over time and between countries. Users can access the results by downloading excel spreadsheets containing all source data and calculations, downloading individual country profiles, and through an interactive mapping and charting application.

The results can then be used at global, regional, national and sub-national levels, to prioritise countries by risk or any of its dimensions, to create risk profiles for any individual components of risk, and to conduct trend analyses to understand how countries are changing relative to one another. Each of these three use modes can inform decision-making, for example by justifying adjustments in resource allocation and focus areas.

Users can also access annual reports that present the key findings from the model. The 2018 annual report had an additional focus on how the INFORM index can be used to support and monitor SDG achievement.


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