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Our work

Risk Information and Knowledge Repository: We strive to bridge the gaps in information and knowledge, in so doing deepen the understanding of complex drivers of disaster risk. We function as a regional facility to strengthen the science-policy interface. Our work is focused to enable access to effective disaster risk information and facilitate exchanges at regional and national level.

Information Capacity and Application: We facilitate the exchange of expertise, experiences, and knowledge in disaster information management between and within the countries of the region. We provide technical services and support to Member States and institutions of the region through various mechanisms, including North-South and South-South cooperation to access, understand and apply disaster risk information towards risk-informed development policies and investments.

Regional Cooperation and Coordination for Disaster Risk Information: We work to promote effective regional cooperation, facilitate dialogue, and support cross-boundary disaster risk reduction collaborations.

We Consolidate and Share; Connect and Develop Information.

Consolidate and Share: We bring together disaster and socio-economic information data, information and knowledge, run analyses and share to enhance disaster information management, building capacities, and connecting national and international efforts to support risk-informed development.

Connect and Develop Information: We facilitate strategic partnerships and sharing of expertise, including the development of shared analysis and policy to reduce the risk and impact of transboundary disasters. We connect with other UN entities, ESCAP Divisions and its regional institutions as well as other stakeholders to facilitate sharing of services and exchanging and building of technical and institutional capacities. We produce guidelines and analytics working closely with our partners.

For information on our activities read our Multi-year Strategic Programme of Work 2021-2030.

APDIM Multi-year Strategic Programme of Work 2021-2030