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APDIM’s vision is: “Effective disaster risk information is produced and used for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific”. We work with partners to reduce human and material losses due to natural hazards and contribute to the efficient design, investment and implementation of disaster risk reduction and resilience policies.

APDIM is a regional institution of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) as per Resolutions 67/4 (2011) and 71/11 (2015). The Centre is headquartered in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

We serve as an information and knowledge repository to support Governments and other stakeholders in the region to build their capacities as well as to facilitate regional cooperation on transboundary hazards in Asia and the Pacific.

Our multi-year strategic programme of work 2021-2030 defines our expected results to ensure that risk information; information capacity and usage; and regional cooperation are in place to support sustainable development in the region. We Consolidate and Share; Connect and Develop Information.

Consolidate and Share: As an information and knowledge repository we consolidate and share disaster risk data, information, and knowledge for Asia and the Pacific region.

Connect and Develop Information: We connect with other UN entities, ESCAP Divisions and its regional institutions as well as other stakeholders to facilitate sharing of services and exchanging and building of technical and institutional capacities. We produce guidelines, analytics and risk information management products working closely with our partners.

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